Desktop for Today

Today’s desktop on my work machine – another piece of my 3D art. This one was rendered in DAZ Studio, with a small bit of post-work in Photoshop.

Desktop For Today

Today’s desktop is an older piece of my 3D art. A skyship, modeled by Winston, rendered in Poser, I believe. I love this model.

New Art – Meet & Greet

A sort of detail from yesterday’s large shot, collecting a few robots together. Robby the Robot from Forbidden Planet, R2D2 from Star Wars, a Terminator, Robot from Lost in Space,…

New Art – Garage

Which one will I drive today? This was a fun shot to put together. It’s pretty far away from where it started. Rendered in DAZ Studio. There’s the Eagle &…

Back to School – Week 1

I’ve finished up my first week of school at Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online, and got everything turned in.  So far, it’s been pretty easy, but next week I start my first…