We got some great sci-fi on the home screens this week. Episode 4 of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and the first two episodes of Obi-wan Kenobi. Minor spoilers are ahead, so if you haven’t watched you might want to skip this one.

Strange New Worlds gave us some great starship combat with the Gorn. We get some great views of their ships and saw their tactics, but didn’t actually see them. I’d bet that we’ll get a better look down the road, and they won’t look like the slow-moving rubber suits from the 60s. We’re also learning a little more about the crew members. Hemmer has become my favorite from the new batch. I’m loving the episodic format of this series, but I also like the long forms they’ve been doing elsewhere. Everything doesn’t have to be a galaxy-shaking event though, and this show is much more relatable than some of the others have been.

Kenobi really brought back the old-school Star Wars vibe for me. I loved seeing the evolution of the main character. I really felt the defeat that haunted him and the hopelessness that he was no longer the man he used to be. He’s become much less civilized. The reveal at the end of episode two was pretty stunning and left me wanting more. I expect that at the end of the series this will be like a five-hour-long Episode 3.5.

To top things off, Season 4 of Stranger Things dropped on Netflix, which I haven’t had time to start yet.