World of Warcraft Solo Runs – Ulduar

World of Warcraft Solo Runs – Ulduar

I ran Ulduar on my warlock yesterday, and had success for the most part. I’ve never been there before, so the mechanics were all new to me. I started out on 25-man. Flame Leviathan took some research to figure out. Outside of a vehicle, I wasn’t able to do much to him before he took me down, but after looking at some YouTube clips, I set a few Demolishers up and he went down very fast. The rest of the fights were fairly easy until I got to Mimiron. All the individual pieces went down easy enough, but the combined unit was too hard for me to get all three segments down fast enough. I switched to 10-man and it was pretty easy. Hodir also gave me a little trouble, so he was done in 10-man as well.  I though Freya was going to be impossible, but after a long while her health started dropping quickly and she went down. Yogg Saron was something I haven’t figured out yet. The insanity mechanic takes me out in the brain room, so I’m not doing something quite right, and it will take me a few more attempts to get it. Earlier in the week I beat Lich King on 10-man pretty easily.  

World of Warcraft | Waiting for Warlords

World of Warcraft | Waiting for Warlords

I went back to World of Warcraft a few weeks ago, and I’ve been having a blast. I had un-subbed for a few months, and wandered into other games for a bit. I still play Hearthstone every week, as I really like being able to drop in for a quick game here and there (they really need to get the Android release out). I finally finished Diablo 3, although I don’t have the expansion. I tried Wildstar for two months, but got frustrated with how often I died, and just didn’t love my character the way I felt about my warlocks in WoW. Warlords of Draenor comes out in a few weeks, and I’m looking forward to garrisons and another 10 levels in a new world. The latest improvements are pretty cool. My current transmog set The Toy Box – all my cool little doodads in one tab, and it’s shared between all my characters? Thank you! I can also see all the ones I don’t have, and where to get them. This is a feature that should be in all the profession tabs, so we can see the holes in our collections. Reagent Bank – deposit all your crafting materials into a large bank tab, but be able to craft from there anywhere you are. Craft mats also stack to 200 now, so this freed up a huge amount of bank space for me. Organize bank and bags – one button sorts all the junk in your bags into orderly piles, and you can even mark a bag to hold specific things, such as equipment, consumables, and trade goods. The Squish – all the numbers behind the scenes have been reworked, and we seem to have a jump in power, especially for old world raids. A lot of our spells and abilities have been combined, removed, or altered, so we have a lot fewer buttons to press. My spellbar actually has some blank spots now. New Models – Most of the new characters look pretty amazing. My Undead warlock looks very cool now. I have a human female warlock, and I just can’t quite get the face I liked, though. Hoping they’ll upgrade the Blood Elves soon. Cross-Faction Auction House – A lot more activity with more players having access. I like it. I’ve been running a lot of old world raids solo, and having great fun. I was able to get through Black Wing Lair and Icecrown Citadel all by myself, which I couldn’t do before.

Skulfrak Goes to War – Outland Dungeon Hero Complete

Skulfrak polished off the last two dungeons he needed for the Outland Dungeon Hero achievement this morning. Both were a breeze for a well-geared 85.  I didn’t get the mount from Magister’s Terrace, but I did get the Orb that turns him into a Blood Elf for 10 minutes at a time. I already have all of the Northrend heroics done, so at this point, I don’t have any new goals for Skul.  There are some fishing and archaeology things I want to do, but that’s about as much fun as watching paint dry.  Not a good predicament to be in with Old Republic on the Horizon.

Skulfrak Goes to War – Closer to Outland Dungeon hero

This morning, I finished off the Outland Caverns of Time instances and ran heroic Steamvaults. That only leaves me with the Tempus Keep heroics and Magister’s Terrace.  Escape from Durnhold turned Skul from a Forsaken into a human (complete with 70s pornstache).  Every time I see this, I think about who he was and what he looked like before the undead plague led to the creation of the Forsaken as a race. I already have all of the Wrath heroics in the bag, so I need to start thinking about what I’ll do with him next!

Skulfrak Goes to War – Classic Dungeonmaster

Last night and this morning, I knocked out a bunch of the classic dungeons Skul needed for the classic Dungeonmaster achievement. There are only two left at this point – Zul’Farrak and Shadowfang Keep.  I’ll probably do the heroic version of SFK over the weekend and kill two birds for that one. These were cake, especially with the new, smaller versions of a lot of them. For these, I used Demonology spec with the Felguard.  I put him on defensive posture, ran straight through without stopping, hitting Hellfire when I had a big crowd around me.  Just running straight for the boss made them very short runs.  I just had to make sure I tagged them before my pet did, so I was sure to get credit.  I didn’t bother with loot, as most of the disenchanting mats at that level are selling for very small amounts on my realm. Outland Heroics will be next!  I’ll probably have to pay a bit of attention for those.Classic Dungeonmaster achievement for Skulfrak Shadowfang Keep Zul’Farrak Outland Dungeon Hero (heroics) for Skulfrak Heroic: Hellfire Ramparts Heroic: The Blood Furnace Heroic: The Slave Pens Heroic: Underbog Heroic: Mana-Tombs Heroic: The Escape From Durnholde Heroic: Sethekk Halls Heroic: Shadow Labyrinth Heroic: Opening of the Dark Portal Heroic: The Steamvault Heroic: The Mechanar Heroic: The Botanica Heroic: The Arcatraz Heroic: Magister’s Terrace Heroic: Auchenai Crypts

Skulfrak Goes to War – Next up!

Not planning on going back to the Firelands for a while, now that Skulfrak has made it through the daily grinds. I actually ran a battleground this morning for the first time in a long while! It was a pretty humbling loss. Anyways, what to do next? Classic Dungeonmaster, followed by Outland Dungeon Hero – by myself! There are a long list of places Skul doesn’t have credit for, so I’ll go back and wipe them out single-handedly.  The vanilla instances will be easy-sauce, but the Outland heroics may force me to pay attention, as I’ve only solo’d one so far, but I think I can do it.  Here’s my hit-list of places to conquer – Classic Dungeonmaster achievement – needed places for Skulfrak Wailing Caverns  Shadowfang Keep  Blackfathom Deeps  Razorfen Kraul  Razorfen Downs  Uldaman  Zul’Farrak  Sunken Temple  Outland Dungeon Hero (heroics) – needed places for Skulfrak Heroic: Hellfire Ramparts  Heroic: The Blood Furnace  Heroic: The Slave Pens  Heroic: Underbog  Heroic: Mana-Tombs  Heroic: The Escape From Durnholde  Heroic: Sethekk Halls  Heroic: Shadow Labyrinth  Heroic: Opening of the Dark Portal  Heroic: The Steamvault  Heroic: The Mechanar  Heroic: The Botanica  Heroic: The Arcatraz  Heroic: Magister’s Terrace  Heroic: Auchenai Crypts

Skulfrak Goes to War – Fireland dailies end in sight!

With Skulfrak, I filled the Moonwell, recruited the ancients, and tomorrow I should have enough marks to recruit the armorer. After that, I think there’s only one more phase and I can be dobne wtih this place for a while. I’m kind of disappointed that there aren’t more crafting patters available for different professions.  Skul is a tailor and enchanter, and the only thing he got was a gem bag pattern, which I don’t even really need on my jewelcrafter with stacking now.  There are a lot of plate patterns in there, but I’m wondering why the professions in WoW are so imbalanced.  Jewelcrafting has daily quests, and it takes a long time to buy all the available cuts.  Others just seem to be there to max and and then rest until the next expansion.  It seems like they’re being a bit neglectful in this area. With all of my time in the Firelands, I was pretty much ignoring Brewfest, and I just realized last night that I haven’t been doing the Corin Direbrew run every day.  Doh!  I corrected this on all three of my 85 warlocks, and he hits a lot harder this year!

Skulfrak Goes to War – Another Firelands Phase

Just been continuing through the Firelands dailies lately, and I’m still getting one or two I haven’t done before here and there. Tomorrow I should have enough marks to open the next vendor, and that will leave just one more before the big finish.  I haven’t done anything with Brewfest yet, as I’ve just been working on building my main toon up as best as I can.  I hit revered with the guild, and finally topped 100 non-combat pets and got Nuts in the mail.