With Skulfrak, I filled the Moonwell, recruited the ancients, and tomorrow I should have enough marks to recruit the armorer. After that, I think there’s only one more phase and I can be dobne wtih this place for a while. I’m kind of disappointed that there aren’t more crafting patters available for different professions.  Skul is a tailor and enchanter, and the only thing he got was a gem bag pattern, which I don’t even really need on my jewelcrafter with stacking now.  There are a lot of plate patterns in there, but I’m wondering why the professions in WoW are so imbalanced.  Jewelcrafting has daily quests, and it takes a long time to buy all the available cuts.  Others just seem to be there to max and and then rest until the next expansion.  It seems like they’re being a bit neglectful in this area.

With all of my time in the Firelands, I was pretty much ignoring Brewfest, and I just realized last night that I haven’t been doing the Corin Direbrew run every day.  Doh!  I corrected this on all three of my 85 warlocks, and he hits a lot harder this year!