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This page contains samples of my comic book art. Hover over each image for more details and penciller names.

I have inked over 55 issues of different series for NEC, Malibu, Wildstorm, Marvel and DC, in addition to self-publishing my own books, which I write and draw. I can ink a page a day, sometimes a page and a half, and I always meet my deadlines. I got my start with pen on paper, but I can also work comfortably in digital. If you have a paying gig, drop me a note at

My credits for publishers can be found by clicking here.

Marvel Samples - 2019

Misc Samples - 2018 and older

The Tick

I inked issues #11 and #12 of the original series over Ben Edlund. I also inked a lot of the spin-off books for NEC.

Malibu Comics Ultraverse Inks

My Own Stuff - Pencils, Inks, Colors and Letters

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