I went back to World of Warcraft a few weeks ago, and I’ve been having a blast. I had un-subbed for a few months, and wandered into other games for a bit. I still play Hearthstone every week, as I really like being able to drop in for a quick game here and there (they really need to get the Android release out). I finally finished Diablo 3, although I don’t have the expansion. I tried Wildstar for two months, but got frustrated with how often I died, and just didn’t love my character the way I felt about my warlocks in WoW.

Warlords of Draenor comes out in a few weeks, and I’m looking forward to garrisons and another 10 levels in a new world.

The latest improvements are pretty cool.

My current transmog set

The Toy Box – all my cool little doodads in one tab, and it’s shared between all my characters? Thank you! I can also see all the ones I don’t have, and where to get them. This is a feature that should be in all the profession tabs, so we can see the holes in our collections.

Reagent Bank – deposit all your crafting materials into a large bank tab, but be able to craft from there anywhere you are. Craft mats also stack to 200 now, so this freed up a huge amount of bank space for me.

Organize bank and bags – one button sorts all the junk in your bags into orderly piles, and you can even mark a bag to hold specific things, such as equipment, consumables, and trade goods.

The Squish – all the numbers behind the scenes have been reworked, and we seem to have a jump in power, especially for old world raids. A lot of our spells and abilities have been combined, removed, or altered, so we have a lot fewer buttons to press. My spellbar actually has some blank spots now.

New Models – Most of the new characters look pretty amazing. My Undead warlock looks very cool now. I have a human female warlock, and I just can’t quite get the face I liked, though. Hoping they’ll upgrade the Blood Elves soon.

Cross-Faction Auction House – A lot more activity with more players having access. I like it.

I’ve been running a lot of old world raids solo, and having great fun. I was able to get through Black Wing Lair and Icecrown Citadel all by myself, which I couldn’t do before.