Recently, I switched my main spec on Skul to Affliction.  It just seems to make more sense for me in Cataclysm heroics.  I’ve always been demonology for dungeons, but the current mechanics make me move around too much and spend time on crowd control, which means I can’t cast shadow bolts or soul fires.  Don’t stand in the purple stuff, do stand in the swirlie-thing, fear this guy, banish that one.  As affliction, I can dot guys up and then run around as needed, and I get fed some health back.  It’s been working out better for me, although I do miss metamorphosis.  Soul swap is just not as cool.  I still have demo as my off-spec, just in case I feel the need to hulk-out.  My main pet of choice lately is the succubus, as she does some fair damage, has the knockback ability and seduction.

I’ve been doing a fair bit of archeology lately.  I’m maxed out, I have the skeletal pet and mount, and a bunch of pointless rares that do odd things.  I haven’t gotten any of the big epics yet.  I don’t like how few the fragments drops are, and they’re far too valuable to waste in a heroic for the buffing quest when the group could flake out.  Id do it in a guild run, but not a pug.  It’s a very interesting profession, but I think it still needs some tweaking.