Giving a shout out this week for all fellow World of Warcraft players to check out the Hearthcast podcast – a weekly show for casual WoW player.  It’s hosted by Rewt and Freckleface, and the quality and content is very top-shelf.  I listen to a lot of shows while I’m working, and this is one I don’t miss.

There’s a great variety of segments to go with all of the latest news.  There are contributors giving tips and tricks, and the length is perfect – not too short, and not rambling off-topic for far too long like some other shows.  The production quality is about the best you’ll find, and the hosts are entertaining, fun, and well-spoken.

Rewt and Freckleface are regular players in the game, and it’s fun to hear their personal observations of the state of things.  I believe they play on the Whisperwind server, alliance-side.  If you’re a podcast listener, be sure to subscribe through iTunes, or listen from the web –