I was out of the game for a short while. A friend wanted me to rejoin and play with them in a new leveling endeavor, and they needed a tank, so I’m back for a while.  How long, remains to be seen, but I’m committed to being a tank for a small group of real life friends, so I’ll shelve my warlocks for a while and concentrate here.  Not to the insane levels I had been playing, but hopefully, a more relaxed and fun game with people I actually know.

I rolled a goblin warrior named Coda yesterday on Wildhammer US-PvP.  I traditionally don’t like PvP servers, because I played by myself so much in the past, but I’ll give it a shot.  I’ve been a tank before, and I would have preferred a paladin over the warrior, but I didn’t want another tauren or blood elf, so I went goblin warrior.

So, we’ll see!