We went to a church picnic yesterday at a place in Port Orange called Cracker Creek. It’s right next to the Spruce Creek Fly-in, which makes flying a drone interesting, but I did go up for a few shots, which I haven’t processed yet.

Cracker Creek developed from an area called Gamble Place, which was a hunting lodge owned by the son of a Proctor and Gamble family. The original house is still there, which we toured, as well as an orange packing building, and a replica of the Snow White cabin.

There are a bunch of peacocks roaming the property that I was able to get a few photos of. They’re kind of loud, and I see why people don’t have them as pets.

We took a pontoon boat tour on the creek, and got to see the backyards of a lot of houses owned by people much wealthier than us.

It was a fun place right up the street that I’ve never known about before. A great place to tour if you’re in the area.