I reached level 73 this morning, and bought my new little worgen warlock her epic flying, so now I can start pounding on archeology. I didn’t want to do it at the slower speed, and I won;t have 4000 gold to buy the very fastest for a while, so this looks like a good time to do it.

I also topped off my last Alliance reputation to exalted, and achieved the Ambassador title.  This also opens up all the mounts to me, so that’s fun as well.  If I want to go back and do the Argent Tournament, I already have all the rep in place now for the Crusader title.

Had a very bad tank/healer combo in a run this morning.  They were both from the same guild, and I suspect they were multi-boxing, and may have been the same person. They just sat at the entrance and refused to participate. One of the DPS got mad and left, so we didn’t have enough votes to kick them, as one always voted against for the other person.  We could add more, and they wouldn’t leave.  There were some weird characters in their names, but I finally was able to add them to ignore by whispering them and then clicking on their names. Now, they won’t end up in any groups with me again.  I also reported them, which is something I almost never do, but they were deliberately abusing the dungeon finder, so this was a special occasion. Stupid people.