My new toon, Piker, who is a Dark Iron Dwarf warlock on Kul’Tiras US, is level 35 and rolling through several old expansions. As soon as I unlocked flying I decided to add a bunch of locations to his Mole Machine ability, which has taken me all over the old content area. He has mining and herbalism as skills, so everything he collects goes onto the auction house. This is a fresh server for me, so I only have heirlooms as a leg-up to start off with. I’ve bought all of the riding skills so far and unlocked all of the bank slots.

I got into a lot of instance groups on the Battle for Azeroth expansion, but I’ve switched to Wrath of the Lich King to see if I can get some to go faster, and also pick up quests for the dungeons. Plus, I know most of those like the back of my hand.