Last night I finished my fifth course at AIO – Algebra, and I’m glad to put that one behind me. The other classes I’ve had kept me busy, but this was the first one that really gave me a hard time. My brain just isn’t wired for numbers. Luckily, my lovely wife was there to help me understand some of the concepts, and I think I ended up pulling out a B for the course, which for me is astounding.

Tomorrow, I start College Math 1, which runs for six weeks, so I’m at the halfway point in this numeric quagmire. After that, it looks like I have Desktop Video 1, so I’ll be getting back to funner material.

It’s very slow going, only being able to take one class at a time,but with working full time, and family commitments, this is all I can realistically handle. It’s going to take me quite a few more years to get my degree, which is a BA in Interactive Media and Web Design, but it beats the alternative, which is spinning my wheels for the rest of my life.