So, I did a thing.

I finished a new Extraterrestrial comic book a few weeks ago and sent it off to the printer. I haven’t done a Kickstarter or Indy-go-go this time, so it was a bit of a stealth release.

I went in a slightly different direction with the art for this book. I used AI to generate the images that became the sequential artwork. My goal was to see if I could use only AI to produce an entire comic book, and it worked! I know there’s a lot of debate about whether AI-generated work is art or not. I really don’t care about that. I want a high yield for low effort. I haven’t been selling a lot of books lately, so a faster way to create content works for me. Plus, some of the images are really stunning.

The new bok can be purchased in digital and printed formats at –

I’m already halfway through the second book, so stay tuned.