I’ve gone and cancelled my World of Warcraft account again. I’m sure at some point I’ll come back, but this expansion has been a bit frustrating for me. There was a lot to do, no doubt. Pandaria is a beautiful continent with a lot of explore, and full of lore. The route they chose for the end game this time around, with so many reputation grinds before you can buy anything, and all of it through dailies is really tedious, though. I like playing alts, and running all of that again on another toon is just not going to happen. In Cataclysm, I had my army of alts all set up for crafting. I leveled them all up, and then worked on professions, and had a blast using them all together. All of the end game patterns are locked behind the dailies and the reputation grinds now, which is just not as fun for me. I love how they’ve broken down the walls between servers and let more people play together, but it’s just become a big grind, and I don’t feel like doing it anymore.

So, Skulfrak is parked for now. Some day he’ll come back, and maybe put Garrosh in his place.

I still have Diablo 3, and Old Republic is free-to-play, so I may dabble with that here and there. I don’t see that much on the horizon that looks all that exciting, though.