Skulfrak needs only the Squashling pet and the pumpkin mask to complete the Hallow’s End meta-achievement this year, but for the past few years, those have eluded him.  Everything else is done, so I just have to run the Horseman event each day and hope they drop before the holiday ends.

My wife and I continued our tour of older dungeons, last night running the Bottanica, the Mechannar, and the Arcatraz.  All were pretty easy.  We poked our heads inside Tempest Keep, and were slapped down pretty hard by the first pack of trash mobs.  We’re not quite ready to be running the older 25-man content by ourselves as 2 clothies!

Hopefully before Cataclysm drops, we’ll be able to finish off the Classic Dungeonmaster and Outland Dungeonmaster achievements.