This weekend, I’ve playing a lower level warlock alt, Oakley, on Icecrown, getting some dungeon and battleground experience.  While running through Winterspring to get the flightpath this morning, I came across an area that had a much different atmosphere than I had remembered.  Then I noticed the sky was dark, which I read was one of the tell-tale signs that Deathwing is nearby.  And sure enough, there he was.  I figured this was my perfect chance to get the achievement, so I ran right toward him and was promptly toasted to death.

After I respawned, I queued up for Warsong Gultch and ran through it.  Afterward, I’m back on the road in Winterspring, still flagged for PvP.  I stopped to mine a node I saw and a passing alliance mage took a few shots at me.  I dotted her up, but she took me down.  The graveyard was right there, so I re-spawned and finished her off.  I rode down the road a bit and stopped to re-cast my pet and heal up, and she took another shot, but I killed her again.

Much fun in the 50s bracket today!