Working on some ideas for doing an online comic utilizing the Infinite Canvas idea.

A web page has an entry point, and from there, I can drop a variety of content forms on a two-dimensional plane that stretches infinitely down and to the right. Text, images, animation, sound, video, stacked layers – anything I want. The only considerations I need to make are the size of the Window the viewer sees the content through, and the length of over abundant load times. I’ll need a system to be able to jump to the next “page” in the series. But, the beauty is, the pages don’t have to be in order! There can be multiple threads and jump-points to other links.

When it’s no longer just static images, it probably ceases to be what we know as comics. It’s a hybrid medium of comic books, animation, and interaction. In short – a new art form that can no longer just be thought of as a web comic. The term “comics” doesn’t really apply anyways, as the medium is not mostly funny. It’s not comical in nature. I guess it would be considered more of an episode, or a webisode than a comic book.

The trick is maintain a flow and keep the navigation easy. I don’t want the reader to become lost or disoriented.

Publishing and updates are instant. Art is much quicker, because it’s done at web resolution, and not for print. Edits and corrections are possible and easy to do. Constant and regular updates provide daily reminders that the project is there on social media.

My obstacles are – I get bored, and I have no feedback, so I drift away. Working on a project for a long time with the intention of publishing it later, keeping it under wraps the whole time, is a killer for me. I need feedback. I need encouragement. Putting something out on the web allows me to add “like” buttons and “share” buttons. I need a forum and a Facebook page where people can comment and ask questions.

Just throwing some ideas out there.