Trish and I cleaned out Zul’Gurub last night, getting the achievement before it goes away forever in a few weeks. It’s becoming a regular part of the zone, and a quest hub for the 30-35 levels, so no more raiding there.  We didn’t get the tiger mount, or the raptor mount, but it was fun.  We did fine on everything except Hakkar, and we had him down to 13% before the mind-control did us in.  As a warlock and a shadow priest, we did really well. A few guildies came and helped us, and Hakkar went down with no trouble, so that’s out of the way.

I have 4 Horseman’s mounts out of my seven toons running the event each day.  I think they upped the droprate on the Squashling and the mask, because they’re all over the place now.

I’ve also been tanking on my newbie human paladin on Skywall.  She’s level 61, and I’m remembering I don’t like to tank for jerks.  You’d think that with the wait time in the queue for DPS, they’d be a little more respectful.