Walking through a graveyard with a 360 camera on the end of a long stick can be a strange experience. I had a caretaker chase me down in a golf cart. He asked, “How are you doing?” “Fine,” I replied. “What are you doing?” was his next question. It was expected. After explaining to him that it was a camera on the end of a long monopod pole, and that I was just taking pictures, he was fine with it. I got some neat shots, and added a bunch to Google Maps for other folks to be able to take a virtual tour of the place their ancestors are laid to rest.

Having grown up in Daytona Beach, I saw a lot of family names that I’m sure are connected to people I know, went to school with, or own prominent businesses here in town. I have family there, so I paid my respects and had a quiet morning.

Here’s an inverted tiny-planet view of the same shot –