I’ve been away from Wow for an entire month now, and am not really missing it all that much. There are some stray thoughts now and then, and I’m sure I’ll drift back in at some point, but I’m thinking I might start fresh if I do, with a new character on a new server. If I had people who were doing the same thing and wanted to play together, I’d jump back in at any time, but I don’t care about poking around in Azeroth by myself at this point in time.

It would have been nice if Blizzard could have done smaller, yearly expansions to give us something fresh on a regular basis, as two years is a long time to drag each release out. The patches are okay, but they aren’t enough to keep me going. The end raids are fun, but aren’t the biggest draw for me, and more dailies just doesn’t cut it. I like exploring and leveling, so when I come back, I’ll probably do some of that.