My new Dark Iron Dwarf warlock, Piker, has hit level 51 this morning. I sent him the Covenant renown boost and the Shadowlands Scouting Map, so he’s got all the maps revealed with the flight points and jumped ahead to level 60 with the Venthyr. I also did his racial quests; he has his heritage armor and mounts.

I ran Torghast for the first time and it was easy, but it’s just the first few floors. I took mining and herbalism as his professions, so everything goes on the auction house and money hasn’t been a problem. He’s gt maxed-out flying speed and a full set of 30-slot bags. I keep war mode on, but Kirin’ Tor has been a pretty low-pop server, so he hasn’t died at all yet. We’ll see how that works out as he gets closer to 60.