I work four ten-hour days, so I always have three-day weekends. Friday is usually a good day for me to get stuff done. I feel pretty good about today. Time to hit the old blog.

I’ve been journaling in the morning for more than a decade now. It’s mostly a place for me to take all of the stuff that’s in my head and get it organized, which frees up my mental processes to work on other things. I’ve used it to talk myself out of or into things. Comic writer Jim Zub wrote on Facebook this week that as a creator, you should always have and maintain a personal website. Platforms can change ownership. Algorithms will evolve. You could be de-monetized or de-platformed at any time. I’ve had this site for quite a while, starting it as a portfolio and resume site back when I was looking for work. I decided this week to try a little public journaling. There will probably be only one or two people who read it, and if that’s you – thanks. Or, maybe apologies. 😉

I wrote a few days ago about starting Keto. I’ve researched it more, and I think I better understand it. I also think that up until yesterday, I had some things that were keeping me from fully going into it. I’ve been paying much more attention to the carb count, and I feel a bit different this afternoon, so I think ketosis has finally started for real. I went to the store and explored good and bad choices for this plan. I’ve seen a few things commenting that Keto is a fad, and it may not be the most healthy thing in the long run, but I have seen it work before. I had a friend a few years ago who dropped more than a hundred pounds doing it. I don’t need to stay on it forever, but I intend to give it a real try and get below my weight goal.

I did a bunch of yard work and got my heart rate up for more than an hour. I’m really excited about the new Fitbit and all of the metrics it tracks. I’m entering the calories I consume and watching it track steps and sleep.

I was going to fly the drone when I went to the store, but it was kind of a boring location and a bit windy, so I didn’t bother. The best times for flying are sunrise and sunset, so I may take it out this evening. Or, not.

I saw the intro segment for the new Star Trek show, Strange New Worlds, which premiers next Thursday. I absolutely love it and can’t wait.

I started listening to the new EP released by Primus, Conspiranoid, and am really digging it. We have tickets to see them in St Augustine next weekend, and they’re performing the entire “Farewell to Kings” album by Rush. I haven’t been to a concert in many years, and this should be fun.

So, that’s the start of my weekend.