Last night, I completed the classic dungeonmaster achievement on Skulfrak, polishing off the last of the vanilla instances.  Then, I started working on the Outland heroics.  I’ve finished all the Hellfire dungeons, all the Auchindon, and all but one of the Steamvault ones.

This morning, I got back to some crafting and posted a lot of new auctions. Time to replenish my financial coffers!

Outland Dungeon Hero (heroics) needed for Skulfrak

  • Heroic: The Escape From Durnholde
  • Heroic: Opening of the Dark Portal
  • Heroic: The Steamvault
  • Heroic: The Mechanar
  • Heroic: The Botanica
  • Heroic: The Arcatraz
  • Heroic: Magister’s Terrace