Skulfrak is back.  After leveling my paladin tank to 85, I’m just not ready to take the lead in Cataclysm heroics yet.  I am taking another stab at them from the warlock point of view, though.  I used the new guild-finder tool in patch 4.1 to find a new home on SWC, and I’m making some progress again.

I’ve switched my primary spec to Affliction now.I was having a very hard time keeping shadow bolts flowing with Demonology, and I’d find myslf face down on the dungeon floor too often.  As affliction, I can cast DOTs while moving (don’t stand in purple stuff, run to the center of the swirl-thingy, chase down these adds…).  I also get some health back, so I’m surviving more of the fights.  I’m still getting used to the rotation, but I think I’m getting the hang of it.