I played on Skul a bit more this weekend.  No big raids, just some PvP and badge runs.

I did very well in Alterac Valley.  As an Affliction spec, I kept my distance, and applied as many DoTs as I could.  I dropped my circle as often as I could, and several times it saved my bacon.  Once, I dropped it on the bridge that leads into the Alliance base, and a shaman used a knockback spell to blow me over the side.  Instead of falling to my death, I hit my teleport and popped back into my circle on the bridge, dotted him up, and took him down.  A lot of fun.  I even got the Damage Control achievement, for doing over 300k damage in a single battleground.

I was hoping to get an ICC-10 in, but no such luck.  I’m 5 frost badges away from getting my tier 10 shoulders.

Coming up, we have the brewfest boss and the headless horseman boss, so that probably means 2 easy bonus frost badges every day.  Very nice!