Patch 4.3 has gone live, and the first thing I did was visit the Transmogrification guys to get my gear redone.  It turns out I have a lot less things in my bank than I thought I did.  All my major toons had some things to improve upon.  My main, Skulfrak, had a full set and looks pretty badass.

I spent about an hour doing that.  For the rest of 4.3, I’m not going to be killing Deathwing, so no interest there.  I have a few new 5-man dungeons to kicked out of for having shitty DPS and not knowing the fights.  Other than that, 4.3 doesn’t really give me a whole lot to do, and there are no more patches on the horizon until Mists of Pandaria comes out.  I’m sure that won’t be any sooner than six months – probably closer to a year away.

Good thing Star Wars: The Old Replublic head start goes live in 15 days!