We’ll almost assuredly meet Queen Azshara this expansion. Maybe I can give her gown back to her.

I went back to Skul last night and this morning, as there’s still so much to do with him in professions and achievements, and I don’t feel like treading over the same ground again right now with an alt.  I made the priest and druid set, so now I have bag space taken up with rare items that can make colored light, wind chimes, and a ghostly image of me that stands there.

I’m currently working on Queen Azshara’s Dressing Gown, which is an heirloom for level 60 right now, but in the next patch, that and the Headdress of the First Shaman are being lowered to require only level 51, so they’ll be useable for longer on alts.
I also finished my first Tol’vir object and got the achievement.  I started another common.  🙁  I really wish the Cata zones would give better drops, as Uldum is the only one that has something unique.  It seems stupid to go to Hyjal to only dig up Night Elf fragments, which I can get anywhere else for a lot less work.  I also go no addition keystones this morning.  They’re way too rare and sell for too much on the auction house.  I’m enjoying Archelology, but there are a few things that could be better.  I don’t like the dungeon quest items that require a massively expensive keystone to complete.  How about letting me use one of these crappy common items that I’ve assembled instead?  I also don’t know what that last icon is in my archeology book – the little symbol with the hat.
I’ve done Tol’Barad a few times, and I don’t like it nearly as much as Wintergrasp.  Every time I’ve been in it, we lost, and it’s confusing with no clear objectives unless you go research it somewhere.  So far, that looks like a dud in the Cataclysm expansion.
I managed to finish a heroic last night, but the group was edgy and insulted each other constantly.  The fights were pretty good, but very stressful as opposed to the Wrath runs.