I’ve finished up my first week of school at Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online, and got everything turned in.  So far, it’s been pretty easy, but next week I start my first project.  It’s a basic Computer Literacy class to start out with, but the format for research, discussion, and interaction with other students is pretty cool.  Books are mostly in digital format, so I save some money there, and I’ve gotten the Adobe CS5 Suite and Microsoft Office 2010 as part of my class materials.

CS5 has some real advances over my previous version of Photoshop, CS3.  I was surprised by hiw much they’ve added.  And for productivity, Office 2010 is pretty amazing.  I’ve been using Google Docs for a while now, and didn’t think I needed Office, but seeing the tools in Outlook and OneNote have me thinking in new ways.  Very powerful stuff!

Week one went down smoothly, and didn’t stress me out at all in addition to working full time.  So far, I’m enjoying it and feeling like I’m doing something worthwhile, so I’m feeling very good about it.