I’ve been working the auction house a lot lately, selling a good number of gems with Carrara, and I maxed out tailoring and enchanting on Skulfrak.  The high level enchants aren’t selling though.  I think most guilds have enchanters who supply these to raiders, and a lot of other people just don’t have the gold to spend more than 5k on a weapon enchant.  I ended up taking down the Windwalk I had for sale, and put it on Carrara’s Gurubashi Punisher.

I’m still not ready to tank Cataclysm heroics for PuGs yet, so I’ve just been soloing some old content, which is fun with a protection paladin.  I just round up half the instance, and most of them kill themselves against the retribution aura and consecration.  I’m getting some achievements, and some of the loot sells pretty well on the auction house.  I did Magister’s Terrace, and Kael dropped the Phoenix Hatchling.  I followed it up with a heroic run, and that was almost as easy as normal mode.