Everything must go!

Lately I’ve been preparing for Cataclysm, deciding what and where I’m going to play.  I know for sure I want a Goblin warlock, and after seeing more about the Worgen, I think I want a warlock with them as well.  They both just look so cool!

The goblin will be on Steamwheedle Cartel.  I’m deleting a level 48 gnome rogue I haven’t played in years to make room, and it has the perfect name already.  The toon was holding a whole bunch of junk from back in the day, so I went in with the remote auction house, and just put everything up for sale that I could.  Quite a bit sold, and I stripped the toon pretty well and sent everything over to my 80 human warlock, who will remain on SWC. I love how easy it is to sell now, right from the bags, bank, or mailbox.  So, I’ll have some bags, some heirlooms, and some gold to give the new guy quite a push.

My new alliance home lately has been on Skywall.  I’m leveling a human paladin, and she’ll be joined by the Worgen.  In 12 days, I’ve gotten her to level 34 and made almost 750 gold, mostly from fishing.  Every single thing I get goes on the remote auction house.  There are so many people leveling and working on professions, you can get a premium for all that mid-range junk right now.

The bright spot is that it’s really helped me clean out my bags of all the crap I’ve collected for the past 5 years!