I lost forty pounds over the past few months on keto and was very comfortable with it. The weeks leading up to the holidays were not as disciplined, though, and I fell back into my old ways of eating and over-indulging. I was down to 201. Only two pounds from reaching my goal of being below 200, and I had stalled out. There were doughnuts, cakes, bread, pasta, rice, etc. My shirts have been getting tighter again, so this morning I stepped on the scale and I’m at 218.2.

I’ve started logging my food again so I can track my calories and carb intake, as well as watching my calories burned with Fitbit. I need to get back to being disciplined, and the best way for me is to do it publicly. If I stop posting about it, I’ve probably fallen back into the old ways again, so give me a nudge and tell me to keep at it!