I was at 219.8 this morning. I weighed several times to make sure. That’s quite a bit down since yesterday, but I’ll take it. I will probably rubberband back into the low twenties for the next few days, but I hope to get far enough into the teens soon that I don’t see them again. That puts me down 21 pounds from where I started and I’m into the “overweight” category from “obese” with my BMI. I log everything I eat in the Fitbit app, and I think I’ve got my macros adjusted correctly now, as I may have been getting too much protein. I want to try and move a little this weekend and get my heart rate up every day so this new weight number sticks. It seems to be working.

I got stuck twice last week and wasn’t sure I would move very much again, but yesterday I bit of a drop-off. It can be frustrating to really work at eating within the parameters and not see the scale move. I’m more gaging by my weekly average, which is steadily declining. Some of my old clothes fit me better, too.

I haven’t been able to run in a long time. I’ve been walking a lot, but I took the past few days off. If I try to run, I really put a strain on my lower back and knees, so I’m waiting until I get below 200 to give that a try for real. I haven’t been happy with my weight for the last twenty years, and I’m finally giving myself a real shot at getting it under control.