My tauren warrior, Squood, on Steamwheedle Cartel US, dinged level 76 from mostly running Strand of the Ancients this weekend.  He made good use of his alternate Fury spec, and is finally starting to perform respectably in there.  Just a few more levels, and he’ll ding 80 and join my other toons in the gear chase.

To avoid becoming honor-capped, be’s already bought the i-264 PvP cloak for when he tops out.  Wintergrasp is also just around the corner, and on SWC, he should do quite well tagging along in there.

The weekend was about half & half, pretty evenly split between alliance and horde.  Winning on the Call to Arms weekend gives you a pretty hefty chunk of honor and experience.  He should have quite a few gladiator pieces when he dings 80 to get him ready for heroics.

Pretty soon, I’ll move back to my new human pally, Vez, but the upcoming weekend is Isle of Conquest, so I’ll probably do some more for Squood to get him over the finish line.

To finish the weekend, I tanked Violet Hold and Drek’Theron Keep, and got him a few new blues, bringing his armor level up quite a bit.