The weekend is here, and that means it’s time for yet another battleground holiday.  This time, it’s Strand of the Ancients, so it’s Adult Swim, with level 71 and above.

I dusted off my tauren warrior, Squood, who is sitting at level 72.  I did 5 early morning matches to start the day, and ended up losing 4 and winning one.  A loss gets about 3% of a level, but a win netted me a whopping 14%! I have 2 of the XP bonus heirlooms on him, so he’s getting the extra 20% gain.  I’ve also made about 5700 honor so far today.

I’ve got fury as my secondary spec, so he’s dual-wielding 2-handers with Titan’s Grip.  He does okay, but he’s very much on the low end of the spectrum, so I think he’ll do better as he goes up.

I don’t think many of the quality players on the horde side were awake yet.  We had the obligatory Yelling Guy on our side in the first four matches, and we lost.  The fifth one, he wasn’t there, and we faired much better.  Seriously, why does there always have to be one douche-bag who feels the need to let everyone else know that the entire group sucks except for them?  I think if they spend more time fighting, instead of typing, we might get somewhere.

I’m not sure how much I’ll get to do this weekend, but I’m finding the Call to Arms makes a nice break in the dungeon finder routine.  No new gear drops, though, so I’ll have to head back to instances before too long.