This past weekend, Warsong Gultch was the weekly Call to Arms battleground in WoW.  That means a ton of experience for all your low level toons!  About every two and a half wins, I’d gain a level.  A loss would be about 10%.  That’s with no heirloom items on this character.

So, my new human paladin Vez on Skywall US went from level 38 to 46, and gathered up more than 10k honor.  Not bad at all!

The only downside is that you’re not getting any new gear or gold while doing battle.  I’ve got her fishing capped at 450 now, though, and sneak off every once in a while on a fishing expedition, and she’s had over a thousand gold. so far.  A few trips through the dungeon finder, which is near instantaneous for a tank, and she’s back in all current level blue items.


She’s coming up on some of the last prot talents for tanking that will fill out her rotation.  Having a lot of fun bringing this one up from scratch!