Most of my time in the game lately has been spent leveling professions, and it’s really changed the way I play.  Instead of running heroics and getting yelled at, I’m the guy who supplies the people who do that now, and it’s much more relaxing.  On my home server of Steamwheedle Cartel US, I have maxxed out tailoring, enchanting, inscription, jewelcrafting, alchemy and blacksmithing.  They’re working very well together, and I’m able to produce a few items every day that make very good gold.

Inferno rubies are big seller, and being able to transmute carnelians has given me a good supply.  Truegold has also been profitable.  I can’t make some of the better smithing patterns, because my toon is only level 82 and can’t get chaos orbs from heroics, so I just sell the bars.  I went with transmute spec, and the extra procs are fun.  I made 5 bars of Truegold in one hit yesterday.

The high end enchants move slowly, but it’s a good payday when they finally move.  The gem market is very competitive.  Supplies have dwindled, and I think they recently banned a bunch of mining bots.  I used to be able to get elementium ore for 21 – 35 gold a stack, and now it’s 40 – 80.  I may have to go farm some myself.  I haven’t done much with inscription.  Tailoring is another slow mover, with the limit to how much dreamcloth I can make a week.

Patch 4.2 has given me a bump in business, and prices are going up!

I’m doing the Frostlord every day on my tank.  The DPS toons just take too long in the queue.  The incentives for tanks have not really made the wait times any less.  I still don’t want to do heroics.