I’ve mainly been working my professions in the game lately.  I’ve bought a bunch of nice tanking gear for my pally, and made some good pieces for my warlock.  This week I should top 20k gold for the first time since I started the game.  I’ve never had this much before!

I was going to buy a mechano-hog, but ground mounts are just not very attractive at the moment.  For the time being, I’m just going to stock-pile, and I may level engineering on my level 80 deathknight.  That would leave only leatherworking and skinning as professions I don’t have on Steamwheedle Cartel.

Jewelcrafting has been the steady gold-maker. Enchanting and tailoring are good, but items don’t sell every day, so those are an exercise in patience.  Alchemy is giving me a good supply of Truegold and Inferno gems.  I can’t smith the truegold, as I don’t have access to Chaos Orbs, so I just sell it.  The new PvP plate items sell well.  And darkmoon cards and the PvP items from Inscription still move, although a little slowly.