I’ve been working on my paladin a bit more this week, enjoying the instant queues as a tank.  I’ve also been taking this time to get more advanced on my crafting skills on my main server while I wait for cataclysm.  I have a 450 tailor, scribe, jewelcrafter, and a 441 enchanter.  About a week ago, I decided to knuckle down and start using my skills & the remote auction house to stock up on some gold.

After getting some gear for my freshly dinged 80 warrior, I was down to about 4 gold.  I’ve got over 3000 now. It’s not easy to keep up with some of my competitors in the auction house!  I can tell a few of them are also using the remote service to check in and re-list their items often.  If you want to have sales, you pretty much *have* to do this.  When I was posting my stock once a day, most of it would bounce back almost every time.

It’s also weird when someone decides to dump a stack of glyphs or gems at an absurd price.  I have to decide to buy them myself, and hope to turn a profit, or re-list my own at a stupid price.  I wary of getting stuck with a pile of things I thought had a much higher value than they already did.

I’m hoping to save up between 15 and 20 K to buy a mechano-hog chopper for Skulfrak.  I keep spending all my money on alts!