Today marks 7 days since I started my hiatus, and I’m not really missing it yet.  I’m sure my competition in the auction house has been overjoyed that I’m not undercutting them every two hours anymore.  I’ve been keeping myself pretty busy, though, so I haven’t been bothered by not doing my daily in-game chores anymore.

I researched a bunch of other games, and took up Star Trek Online for a while.  Every game I see is held up to the measuring stick that Blizzard has built over the past six years, and despite my feeling burned out, they have a very solid game that’s hard to compete with.

Everyone universally seems to be holding out hope that The Old Republic will finally be the juggernaut that can go toe-to-toe with WoW, but they need to do everything just right to accomplish that.

I know I’ll eventually come back after a break, but how long that will be still remains to be seen.